MadEra customz builds
unique, sustainable surfboards.

We are building surfboards in three different ways at the moment. Still doing wooden hollow surfboards with a structure inside and covered mostly with paulownia wood. As well we like to work with Agave, Canadian red cedar / redwood or European cedar.

We try to take care of the environment and the usual surfboard is not really an eco friendly product. In general we think a quality built surfboard which last is a good one. Anyway we try to use recycled eps foam blanks or a new PU foam blank which just came out, called polyola.

To finish we use an Epoxy which is one of the greenest on the market from livingrconcept.

The third way of building boards is still more sustainable. The core is made out of recycled eps foam which is covered with a sin layer of wood on the bottom and the top and rails are made out of cork. On this surfboard there is no resin neither fibreglass – just a water based varnish. Instead of the cork top there could be wood as well.

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Shape your own unique wooden surfboard in our workshop in Barcelona.

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